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Care Tips – Jewellery


A few simple storage practices will mean your jewellery will stay perfect and ready to wear every day of the week for years to come.

To keep your jewellery clean and in good condition, gently wipe off residues and oils with a soft, 100% cotton lint-free cloth after each wearing. The safest method to clean your jewellery is to use a soft bristled brush like a child’s toothbrush and a drop of liquid dish soap or hand soap (never use toothpaste or other abrasive cleaner as they may scratch metals). Rinse and dry thoroughly prior to re-storing, an airtight plastic bag is best to minimize tarnishing.

​Always remove your jewellery before using any product that contains bleach or chlorine. These chemicals can cause gold and other metals to break down as well as discolor and damage softer stones. These chemicals can dull or even pit the surface on softer gemstones.

Store each piece individually to prevent soft stones and metals from being scratched by harder stones. Pearls are especially sensitive to acidity and humidity. It is recommended that you wrap pearl pieces in tissue and store directly in a soft bag as moisture can build up in a plastic bag and damage the pearls.

If your jewellery begins to tarnish try soaking your jewellery in warm water with a mild liquid soap for 2-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and allow your jewellery to dry completely on a lint-free cloth before re-storing it in your bags. To remove excessive tarnish from sterling, we recommend a jeweller’s cloth.

I enjoy planning my colour themes each month and use stones that match that theme but it’s interesting to see which stones relate to birthstones, a very personal thing.

Zodiac Stones

Over hundreds of years many traditions have developed ideas that associate certain gemstones with times of the year. Within these traditions certain stones have also been recognized as offering particular healing qualities, or having the ability to bring good luck, or ward off evil energies. Choosing to wear the correct stone according to your birth date is considered to enhance these natural and mystical properties.

Aquarius – Jan 20th – Feb 18th = clear quartz, amethyst, garnet.
Pisces – Feb 19th – Mar 20th = amethyst, bloodstone, clear quartz.
Aries – Mar 21st – Apr 19th = red jasper, diamond, bloodstone,
Taurus – Apr 20th – May 20th = rose quartz, sapphire, turquoise.
Gemini – May 21st – June 20th = pearl, chysoprase and agate.
Cancer – June 21st – July 22nd = ruby,  moonstone, emerald,
Leo – July 23rd – Aug 22nd = tourmaline, onyx, tiger’s eye, beryl.
Virgo – Aug 23rd – Sep 22nd = sapphire, carnelain, jasper, jade.
Libra – Sep 23rd – Oct 22nd = aventurine, opal, lapiz lazuli, chrysolite.
Scorpio – Oct 23rd – Nov 21st = citrine, aquamarine, beryl.
Sagittarius – Nov 22nd – Dec 21st = topaz, sodalite,  amethyst.
Capricorn – Dec 22nd – Jan 19th = garnet, obsidnian, ruby.