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Care Tips – Art & Prints

canvas edge
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Looking after your paintings is important and only requires the bare minimum to enjoy them for years to come. A gentle dusting is all that’s needed to keep your painting fresh. I varnish all oil and acrylic paintings, so they are protected from the elements. Keeping paintings away from direct sunlight will help preserve the colours of any painting, whether it’s an oil painting, digital print or watercolour​.


Storage when not being hung

Paintings on canvas should be wrapped in unbleached muslin rather than plastic or bubble wrap, which will also allow the painting to breathe. Make sure to pack your artworks such that both physical damage, ie, canvas front to canvas front or back to back. The fixings used for hanging can dig in and distort a canvas surface which may not return to normal.



The best environment for the storage of artworks is a cool, dry one with good air circulation. Damp will effect the canvas and mold can occur which may damage the paint surface and ultimately cause damage. Damp can get into the frame and cause it to warp slightly, thicker frames are less likely to do this but difficult to mend.



A lot of damage to paintings is caused by pests ranging from beetles and worms to moths and sometimes even rodents. Generally, pests like dark, warm, humid places, so keep as dry and clean as possible. Checking on a regular basis and a gentle hoovering with a soft nozzle will eliminate most pests.