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art, design, colour and more…

After growing up in the small town of Frodsham, Cheshire, I have moved around the country but now settled in Tunbridge Wells, surrounded by the stunning rolling green hills of the Kent countryside. When not working, I enjoy being outdoors with my partner Steve and our fluffy four legged friend, Dexter. Looking after my son, chatting with good friends over coffee and browsing a gallery or two in London.

Previously keeping my artistic lives apart – I now know one definitely feeds the other. My new found love of photography, new skills in jewellery making and knowledge of design have become a melting pot of fresh ideas, spending weekends taking new images to fuel my design process. Some for artistic inspiration, composition, textures and colours, others just for fun. Thankful for finding my calling as an artisan, I’m developing a unique and recognizable style, originality of design and quality of craftsmanship. There are many famous artists/jewellers, such as Alexander Calder, Hans Arp, Man Ray, Pablo Picasso and Josef Hoffmann who definitely inspire me to think outside the box by using various mediums.

Each artwork is unique and amazing, just like the person who owns it. Some you can hang on the walls, others just hold onto dearly.

Art – is my main love and enjoy using the vibrant colours of oils, taking inspiration mainly from Mother Nature, her colours, texture, shapes and patterns. My style of painting is quite realistic but admire and the more impressionist style of painters, the works of the Pre-Raphaelites, Glasgow Boys, the Newlyn School and Gustav Klimt.

Design – Studied Graphic Design at Buckinghamshire College of Higher Education and have gone on to work in a number of creative environments including studio manager for a design consultancy in Knutsford and various freelance projects whilst moving around the country. Introducing a number of design led images soon.

Jewellery – I inherited my father’s engineering genes, who over the years built boats, extensions, electronics. I’m now engineering my own objects, with albeit smaller tools. Who knew that a birthday book received from my mum in 1991 called ‘The Master Jewellers” which was subsequently read on many occasions, enjoying the beautiful designs and detailed work of Fabergé, Lalique, Cartier, Verdura, and Bulgari, would ultimately lead to a passion for jewellery design. Channeling my inner ‘George Jensen’ and Torun Bülow-Hübe, which have influence my practical unfussy style and filtered into all of my creative pieces.

Fractals – I am a founder member of The Fractals Project, a collaborative group of local artists, poets and photographers, something that is close to my heart, great enjoyment is gained from watching friends exhibit work inspired by each other. Please visit our Fractals Project page for more information.