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The art of mural painting

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Ingrid’s L’Office Mural

My objective was – To design a decorative mural for a friend’s office in her loft, hence, l’office.

Birds Mural

Ingrid wanted something pretty on the wall she faced whilst working at her desk – she wanted something to remind her of the countryside, so we decided on a tree full of colourful birds, squirrels and butterflies at various heights to catch her eye when going about her work. We knew that more birds, insects and creepy crawlies could be added anytime in the future.

Ingrid had already painted her walls with a soft green emulsion paint which was a perfect surface to paint acrylics onto. The first layers soaked in a little but subsequent layers were fine.

How was it achieved?

First the tree trunk and larger branches were painted in acrylic paint and allowed to dry. Then the fun bit, layers of paint then made up the bird shapes until we were satisfied there were enough birds scattered about.

Building up the layers and more details came next, I didn’t want to go too far as the whole mural would have looked too formal. I added the highlights in the birds eyes to bring them alive and added a few feathers to give character.

Finally the leaves, this was achieved by cutting leaf shapes from kitchen sponges, (a technique learnt at school with potatoes) then dunked in various shades of thick green paint and gently placed in the direction leaves would grow along the branches. I overlapped some of the birds with the leaves to give a sense of dimension.

MouseAs a final present I painted a small mouse just underneath her radiator, peeking out at all the hard work Ingrid was doing. Altogether a very enjoyable way to brighten up a large palin wall in any bedroom or children’s room.

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